Ananda...time for dinner


Your cyber Maternal unit is calling you...
where are you? There had better be a good excuse. Are you studying somewhere "secret" or has Uncle Slice kidnapped you? You cyber Paternal unit and I are concerned. We were going to have pomme frites and burgers for dinner, but If you're not showing up, we might just as well dine by ourselves, up on the ceiling fan....
tapping foot....Ananda?????


omg, accidentally found this thread, Mrs Dedan's! I been lost in what's been a-happenin at Monte Carlo, and you know that yesterday was quite a day !!!

Pomme frites, wow, my favorite, so you are missing those 10 pounds, are you ?

Hope Sen ... er. .. Mr ilc will forgive my absence ... today's another big day for my fav -- keeping fingers crossed.

Let me check the Bar and Bistro and see if ya has posted there.