Anders Jarryd vs Goran Ivanisevic????


:shock: I just saw that these 2 are currently playing a match. Am I missing something here? Didn't Goran retire? Didn't think Anders was still playing. Is this some kind of "blast from the past" category that I'm not aware of???
Anybody? Bueller?:confused:

vive le beau jeu !

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allez goran !

goran is so motivated to play that he managed to have the hamburg schedule re-arranged especially for him ! ;)
Fast Talking Goran Earns Hamburg Reprieve

So desperate is Goran Ivanisevic to kickstart his BlackRock Tour of Champions campaign in 2008 that the Croatian successfully pleaded with organisers to give him another 24 hours to be ready for his second round-robin match in Hamburg.

Ivanisevic, whose reasons for withdrawing from matches during his career included sleeping funnily and waking up with a stiff neck, stepping on a sea-shell, and breaking all of his racquets in anger during a match :rolleyes:, pulled a calf muscle while 7-6, 5-4 up against Anders Jarryd on Wednesday.

The Tournament Doctor advised him to see how the injury was on Thursday before deciding whether to withdraw from the tounament. He did so, but still felt less than 100% fit. Cue much discussion with Tournament Referee Norbert Peick, Tournament Director Carl Uwe Steeb and Goran’s scheduled opponent Marc-Kevin Goellner.

Goran’s charm-offensive eventually paid off and his match against Goellner was rearranged for Saturday. He hopes to play against Pernfors on Friday after a late fitness-test.

(he had to withdraw against jarryd while leading 76 55 on wednesday)

it's also nice to see goellner playing on that champion tour (as a member of a former winning davis cup team -germany 1993- i guess).
few ppl (?) appear to remember him on this forum, but i enjoyed to see him playing in the 90's ! :)
(nice serve too... he was blasting some pleasant aces !)
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I also consider the Wimbledon where Goran one my favorite match to rewatch. I remember the day I recorded it, I was at work and sneaking using company equipment (it's ok I don't work their anymore and they don't sport or message board!) and I wasn't paying attention to the time left on the VHS tape....just in the last game the tape stopped and started rewinding, and I nearly had a conniption and broke my leg leaping over a desk to get to the VCR and slap another tape it!

Have tapes of Goellner playing Davis Cup for Germany, so yeah, I remember him.

I remember the incident Goran broke all his racquets and nothing else to play with so had to default.