Andy dear, this is your mother speaking . . .

. . . lose the beard, son, and wait until you are out of tennis to try and grow another. You're losing your teeny-bopper fan base with that fuzz. If you don't, why not pin a coon tail to the back of your cap, or better yet, change sponsors to Carhart and wear bibbed overalls on the court with one of those yellow and green John Deere caps.
That's a good idea. A coon tail would absolutely make the look. Hey, I couldn't grow a beard all the way around like that if I tried. If you ask me, it goes with the huge serve rather well.
I guess when you're trying to look like Ashton Kutcher (beard, trucker hat), you try your very best. Honestly, the whole trucker hat and scruffy looking beard is "played out" already. It's tired already and nowadays looks just plain stupid. And as far as the beard, either you do it all the way and grow it out, or just don't do it.
Here I'll insert VamosRafa's reply : "Is there a need to point it out?
But unlike most of us, Roddick is worth millions. He's spoken with his racquet. It's more than most of us can say."