Andy Murray has a back problem.



Andy Murray does have a problem with his back; one could say that he has a back problem. Is his old back problem back? Is it a new back problem? Does he have a multitude of back problems?

When will Murray be back at full strength? Will he be back at full strength? Will his back be back at full strength? Will his back not be back at full strength in time for Murray to win back-to-back Wimbledon titles?

Will he be back at better-than-ever-before strength?

Andy Murray has a back problem.


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Murray was not my favorite till some time back. But the way he came back to win the Olympics and USO after the devastating 2012 Wimbledon loss to Fed made me give enormous respect to this guy.

I want him to do well and I hope we can see a Fed-Murray wimbledon final this year.

I hope he takes a break from the clay season for the most part and comes back strong for the second part of the year. In a regular year, that is chickening , but he needs to protect and phase himself in gradually.


If he is able to do well on clay this year, I think it's safe to say that his back issue is resolved - if he can't play or performs really poorly - then the opposite is probably true.

I don't think it will have much of a bearing on his Wimbledon chances - he is unbeaten on grass stretching back 18 matches - whilst struggling to even hit balls on clay during the same period.


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He looked good against Roger, despite looking about as 60% as sharp as normal. Assuming his back's okay and he gets a few matches under his belt, I think he wins Miami and goes on to retain his Wimbledon title.