Andy Murray returns to Challenger Tour


Already been there, done that (2011 Indian Wells, R64).
I was at that match. Not sure why Murray tanked at IW in those days, but he lost 1st and 2nd round (for him) several times.

He wasn’t trying at all against Young that day.


did the nadal just mean he hoped to see him come back next year ?
i'm not sure how andy should take that... :unsure:

but it's all good because andy was also wondering how to tell the nadal that there was some sort of (minor, even if we're on mallorca) 'mooring issue' with the boat :whistle:
That's Rafa's boat:


Hall of Fame
Andy needs to tone down rather than carry bulk
Stefanki can help here more than gym junkies
As you get older with that height all the muscle
in the world is hard to maintain. Light and nimble
will suit his defensive abilities and reactive tennis.
The guy has a reaction speed faster than anybody
and also foot feet to challenge Monfils.