Andy Murray to Yonex


He might need the extra pop on serve or defense to continue fighting the young guns (although his game style isn't really about power).


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Andy Murray with a Yonex in hand. Interesting. Judging from the throat and relative beam/head size, I would presume EZone 98?


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Perhaps they've wired that extra 2" of power collection to the actuators in Andy's hip implants, to help with acceleration from a stand-still? :laughing: ...Come to think of it, I could use that kind of help, too! Product idea anyone?

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It's good to see Murray open to change, however; the change may too little too late.

The most obvious example of a player who risked much in order to change with the times was Federer. Moving to the 97" frame was a massive change for him, and the results didn't pay off for a solid year until he was fully aclimated to his new stick.
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Kinda gotta wonder who approached who here. Did Yonex see him using Hurkacz's frame and reach out or did he like it so much he went behind enemy lines to open communication?


Is the new Ezone really that good? For Murray to betray Head at this point of his career it must be something else.


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I guess this is what Murray felt to make such a sudden change. When you feel a racket will make your game better it is because it will. I'm buying one now.
Agree with @Purestriker. And don't sleep on the feel either. Personally think it's significantly better than the 98 in that department. As much as I'm bummed about him ditching his Head racquets, I'm legit excited for Andy to have made this specific switch because I think it gets unfairly written off as a tweener or a WTA racquet and it's nice to see someone of his level/stature give it a go.