Andy Roddick's RBK Shirt's & Shorts / Where Are They?

Discussion in 'Shoes and Apparel' started by Foo4Everlong, Apr 17, 2004.

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    Feb 29, 2004
    Now I'm a Nike for life, but I like to look at all the different clothes by other companies as well. And once in a while I will pick up other things from different companies. Recently I've noticed since the Australian Open Andy Roddick has been wearing some kind of new tennis line by Reebok. He started wearing a red and white shirt, and an all white shirt. And recently a mostly all blue shirt with white on the sleeves, and the same shirt but in this new dark green color. My question is, where can you get any of these shirts? I looked on his personal website, nothing. And I looked here on TW and you guys don't have them either. Is the reason why they are not out because they are made especially for him or is Reebok just slow about getting out their merchandise. I know they were never really a big company in the tennis community, but now that Roddick is around I'm sure they are doing a lot more business. I was curious if you guys were gonna get them in or not. I did see him wear that new mostly red polo shirt with the v-neck but with a collar and no buttons or a zip up front. I did notice that this one is available for purchase but Andy has only worn this once or twice. It seems like Reebok is making a lot of clothes for Roddick but not for the public, what's the deal? Or they're at least not keeping up with getting it out on time. Does anyone at TW have any idea what's going on, why is Andy wearing all this stuff, and why isn't it available yet? Thanks. Later

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