Angell Racket question.

I’m very curious about the line of Angell rackets. I currently use the must current version of the Babolat 107sq in. (2015 I believe). I’ve added a leather grip w/dry tack over grip as well as lead tape on the handle and inside of the frame. I use Tonic gut string w/string savers strung at 52lbs. I have two identical racquets and switch each time I play, this lengthens the string life considerably.

I’m thinking of Angell Custom TC 105 at 27.5 ins. long, 290gr (10.2 oz.)/ 315mm, 9pt HL or 300gr (10.6oz.) /310mm (10pts HL). I can always add and remove lead tape; I can’t shave down the racket to make it lighter. With a 4-4 ½ B (standard) handle size and shape.

So what should I expect? What does the Angell provide in terms of power, control, comfort, spin that mass produced rackets can’t match? I’m the 1st to admit although the two rackets are set up the same there is a slight difference in the “feel” the weight or something else that prevents them from being perfectly identical.


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Subjective, but hopefully a much better feel and comfort.
My only concern is you will be going from a frame then is close to even balance to 9/10 pts HL light. So I dont see how you think they are close in specs.
This should be a major plus for most players.
You are also adding some more length, which will also be another adjustment.
But I do a have a bunch players they have been locked in even balance or HH land.
My wife had the 105 and loved it, he has now moved to the 100C then to the 97C.
Power, depends on your adapting to the frame.
The TC105, we both agreed had a great balance of power and control. Although we both preferred the 100C over the 105 for all court play. But again, we all are different.
Spin is user created, but we had not problem her. Again, both of us started at a very very early age with a ton of lessons...

Lastly Angells are great frames. We are a total angell family.
You might want to check here first to see if you may be able to scope up one on the forum used, close to your desired specs..


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I picked up a TC97 16x19 used on the TT forum. Great racquet. Specs were approx what a Wilson PS97 would be.