ankle and knee problems... Setup suggestions?

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  1. Over the past few weeks I have been suffering from knee and ankle issues: My knees hurt when I do a lot of pounding on the court and my ankles hurt when I roll my ankle which seems to happen quite frequently for me. I currently use the adidas tirand 3s which I have found to be very uncomfortable, unstable, and undurable for me,(I tore a big hole in the side of the shoe in the first week). I was wondering if you think this set up will work- I will put a comfortable insole in some barricade 2 mids. then I will wear an ankle brace. This comfort should stop my knees from hurting from the pounding on the court. Do you think this will work? Any other suggestions? Is Barricade 2 mid the right shoe to choose?


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    Alot of running around on the court (I'm assuming you are playing on hard court) will bring harm to your knees no matter what shoe. That said, wearing more stable shoes will definitely help. Those B2 Mids are a good choice especially since you also have ankle problems. I think you would only need the ankle brace if you find that the Mids are still not stable enough which shouldn't be a problem since the high cuts add alot of stability. Adding insoles will also help. I suggest getting a good, heat-moldable one so you can have a more custom fit. Also know what kinda foot shape you have as buying a shoe with the wrong shape could lead to even more pain. Make sure you try the B2 Mids (or any other shoe you decide to get) and make sure it fits comfortably and, especially, has the right amount of arch support. A shoe with too low or too high arches can lead so damage to the foot and knees. The insoles will help with this too but it mostly depends on the shoe.

    For insoles, I bought Spenco Total Supports and am liking them. These are available from, a TW affiliate. My Cage 2's had too little arch support and it was hurting my knees, plus I tend to play a grinder-like style when on defense. The insoles helped alot but still feel pain from running around alot.

    Lastly, I highly suggest working out the muscles in your legs, especially those AROUND the knee in addition to working the big muscle groups. There's this site with good workouts for strengthening the knees, lemme find it for you.

    EDIT: Sorry can't find the specific site I was thinking of but if you google "knee exercises," you should get some good results
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    I had the same problem's with my old shoes, and got some CB 1.3's and the pain went away
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    Ever experience an Asics shoe.Might be just what you need.The comfort is superb.Gel Res 2's are great for ankle and knee problems,a member was recently praising his Asics for the relief they brought him.The durability isn't the greatest though.

    Another suggestion would be a New Balance 1004's similar cushioning but way better durability.Some sites offer guarantee's be sure to get one if you go the Asics route.
    Either one of these will immediatly alleviate any more of you're pains.You'll be enjoying tennis again for sure.When you get a chance head to you're local shoe store try either one of my suggestion's on,I'm sure you will leave with a pair.As soon as you go for a walk around the store you will be sold as I was with the AGR2's.Another remedy is athletic tape for the sore joints.Rest up Bud

    Take care.
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    I had a similar pain and it was solved using Prince MC4 (maximum comfort). Sadly this model is out of stock :cry:
    I'm looking for a substitute of these great shoes.
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    Pretty sure that you don't need to visit an orthopedist to check the alignment of your ankles with a certain pair of shoes on your feet. A store might be able to help you with that and I've seen huge benefits from using shock absorbing inserts to stop tendonitis, etc.

    Can't tell you which shoes will work, but one other recommendation I can make for getting your knees (and legs in general) in better shape is to get out for a moderate bike ride if you can swing it. If I get out twice a week (don't always have time for a lot more), the improvements in my endurance, resilience, and overall "leg health" are substantial.

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