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  1. Strawberry

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    Sep 16, 2007
    Thousands of protesters that built from forums all over the world gathered outside of Scientology Churches all across the world on February 10, to protest the anniversary of the death of Lisa McPherson. The protesters are called the "Anonymous" or Anon for short. I find this somewhat ridiculous, but more than 1,000 people protested in LA that day.
    It is highly likely that there were more then 9000 people participating in the protest. And remember that not all Anons could show up.

    Asia and Oceania:
    200-300 in Sydney, Australia
    150 in Adelaide, Australia
    150 in Melbourne, Australia
    100 in Perth, Australia
    100 in Brisbane, Australia
    5 in Canberra, Australia
    15-20 in Auckland, New Zealand
    15-20 in Christchurch, New Zealand
    6 in Tel Aviv, Israel
    1 in Tokyo, Japan
    Total: 10 raids, 4 countries, 742-852 people

    500-600 in London, United Kingdom
    150 in Manchester, United Kingdom
    130 in Edinburgh, United Kindom
    50 in Birmingham, United Kingdom
    20 in Plymouth, United Kingdom
    20 in York, United Kingdom
    15 in Sunderland, United Kindom
    5 in Brighton, United Kingdom
    30 in Stockholm, Sweden
    25 in Gothenburg, Sweden
    12-13 in Malmö, Sweden
    25 in Berlin, Germany
    20-25 in Duesseldorf, Germany
    15-25 in Hamburg, Germany
    50 in Copehagen, Denmark
    3 in Aarhus. Denmark
    6 in Zürich, Switzerland
    5 in Geneve, Switzerland
    80 in Dublin, Ireland
    60 in Oslo, Norway
    40-60 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands
    30 in Brussels, Belgium
    20-30 in Paris, France
    12 in Vienna, Austria
    Total: 24 raids, 11 countries, 1323-1469 people

    North America:
    500 in Los Angeles, California
    200 in San Francisco, California
    100 in Sacramento, California
    65-70 in San Diego, California
    40 in Mountain View, California
    25 in Santa Barbara, California
    13 in Chico, California
    10 in San Jose, California
    8 in Santa Cruz, California
    320 in New York City, New York
    50 in Buffalo, New York
    40 in Albany, New York
    10-15 in Ontario, New York
    25 in Rochester, New York
    200 in Austin, Texas
    115 in Dallas, Texas
    100-150 in Houston, Texas
    8 in San Antonio, Texas
    200 in Clearwater, Florida
    200 in Orlando, Florida
    100-110 in Miami, Florida
    15 in West Palm Beach, Florida
    5 in Broward County, Florida
    80 in Colombus, Ohio
    75 in Cincinnati, Ohio
    15 in Cleveland, Ohio
    200 in Seattle, Washington
    18 in Bellingham, Washington
    70 in Chicago, Illinois
    30 in Champaign, Illinois
    135 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
    30-40 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
    80 in St. Louis, Missouri
    65-70 in Kansas City, Missouri
    150 in Detroit, Michigan
    20 in Battle Creek, Michigan
    60 in Phoenix, Arizona
    50 in Tucson, Arizona
    90 in Denver, Colorado
    12-15 in Boulder, Colorado
    45 in Nashville, Tennessee
    40 in Memphis, Tennessee
    45 in Las Vegas, Nevada
    15 in Reno, Nevada
    20 in New Orleans, Louisiana
    20 in Baton Rouge, Louisiana
    270 in Boston, Massachusetts
    200 in Washington, D.C.
    150-200 in Atlanta, Georgia
    150-200 in Portland, Oregon
    100 in Minneapolis, Minnesota
    70 in Salt Lake City, Utah
    50 in Charlotte, North Carolina
    40 in Louisville, Kentucky
    35 in New Haven, Connecticut
    35 in Richmond, Virginia
    25-30 in Indianapolis, Indiana
    25 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin
    25 in Wichita, Kansas
    20 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
    17-20 in Honolulu, Hawaii
    16 in Anchorage, Alaska
    9 in Boise, Idaho
    5 in Brunswick, Maine
    1 in Biloxi, Mississippi
    210 in Toronto, Ontario
    30 in Ottawa, Ontario
    20 in Kitchener, Ontario
    3 in London, Ontario
    140-200 in Vancouver, British Columbia
    80 in Montreal, Quebec
    40 in Edmonton, Alberta
    30 in Winnipeg, Manitoba
    24-27 in Halifax, Nova Scotia
    Total: 74 raids, 2 countries, 5532-5778 people

    Overall Total: 108 raids, 17 countries, 7597-8129 people

    Now, that measures peak participation in most cases, not total. Add about 20% for people coming in and out(which seems reasonable), or being late, or whatever, and we'll have our desired turnout even at the low end.

    Did anyone else here about this, or take place in it? A few of my friends went in V for Vendetta masks, as that seemed to be the proper attire that day as you can see in the link below.
    What are your thoughts to the matter at hand? There is another worldwide rally coming up in March, so this will definitely not be the last of these protests.

    TENNIS_IS_FUN Professional

    Mar 29, 2006
    Either way, both groups are going to Hell.
  3. Strawberry

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    Sep 16, 2007
    Ahaha, maybe so.
  4. don_nguyen11490

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    Feb 17, 2007
    A flamboyant violation of Rules 1 and 2 but all the same Scientology is something I just can't stand.
  5. Strawberry

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    Sep 16, 2007
    This is a violation of rules? How so, I'm not even voicing my opinion towards Scientology.

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