Another 60 hr work week

Maybe I should try dating again
I am a tall thin good looking guy despite being very shy
I talked to a few girls here only and they seemed to unstable for me into drinking and smoking
And no I am not gay as Tom thinks
Respect your balance in life to be in demand, wont always be there.

I do feel your a bit judgemental in reguards to "trash", some people dont have the luxuries in life you complain about. Ive met many rich people and many poor, its foolish to judge the spirit by that. We can learn from everyone, "strangers" have a perspective that we do not.

Girls in vegas at your age would be former crackhead single moms or retired hookers/strippers (more roast beef than arbys). With legal solicitation on both sides, it would be hard to find one that fits the bill.

Drinking and smoking is expected (no needles or rock), if you have a problem with that, join the church and meet a girl there :)
It's OK to work 60 hours a week if you like doing it and you are making big money, but if it's stressing you and you are not happy then it's a lot harder to do. If you could choose an alternative, what would it be?
Believe or not, this week is a near perfect time for asking a woman out! Just do it before the big day(get to know you date) and then again on Valentine’s day to seal the deal! Good luck gdigg44. Remember, the more “no” you get, closer to a “yes”. Go for a babe out of you league too! You want to have something to look at too!
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Cuffing season in full effect...take advantage of it.

As far as work, I've been lucky enough to set myself up to only work what I need and not have to work those 60 hour weeks anymore. Put in more than my fair share and would never go back to it.
I am too old for this kind of work week
I am already stressed out !!!

My day would be grappling class for 90 min then lunch then 5 hrs of work
I already dropped 5 ibs due to skipping meals
I just need to lower my vocabulary to a 4th grader and buy a few dime bags of meth and coke and I should fit in with the general pop here
I can also text messages when I drive really fast and take my eyes totally off the road . Try to keep those texts very long and drive very fast
Establish a paid internship position. Really no different than regular pay. Go over to the career department at UNLV. Post it there.
Dear @dgold44 :
You never cease to entertain me with your issues.
Please read all the nonsense (included mine) they are recommending to you and then tell us what you decided to do.
By the way, I think that moving out from Vegas won't be a bad move, unless you are a professional gambler, and that post office thing is a side job or undercover.