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Here's another article from the UK; not as good as the Lansdorp one posted below, but some juicy gossip on local'd think these guys were NFL/NBA players the way they're carrying on;-)

Bogdanovic’s coach involved in ugly fracas

By Neil Harman
MIKE RAPHAEL, the coach to whom Alex Bogdanovic, the Great Britain Davis Cup player, had entrusted the next phase of his career, was involved in an ugly fracas on a court in Winchester yesterday which may lead to criminal charges being brought against him.
The police were called to the ITF tournament in Hampshire by Andy Fyfe, the referee, after Raphael, who is linked to a local hotel and tennis complex, became embroiled in an incident with Mark Bromley, an 18-year-old who was due to play in the event. It is believed that spectators trying to watch one of the matches were angered when Raphael would not move from their line of sight.
They complained and punches were thrown.
Play was halted on several of the nearby courts as the commotion was cleared. There is bound to be an investigation into the incident — Bromley was taken to a nearby hospital suffering cuts and bruises — and the LTA will want to know the full extent of what happened.
Bogdanovic was playing in a challenger event in Manchester yesterday. He has joined Raphael and a group of four other players based in Basingstoke after falling out with the LTA, which had dropped him from its squads earlier in the year saying that he did not have the required levels of commitment.
Fyfe, who has worked with Goran Ivanisevic and Marat Safin, two of the more extrovert players, said: “It was one of the most amazing things I’ve ever seen and I’ve been involved in this sport for a long time. I am told there was a verbal discussion, a disagreement and then punches were thrown. Mark Bromley was covered in blood, we had to help him into the referee’s office. I asked him if he wanted us to call the police and he said yes.”