Another ratings question...from Mixed Exclusive to Adult


OK, so this player registered for USTA in 2016 as a 3.5S but got her butt kicked, playing exclusively MXD (at least during the period where ratings are factored; she did play some TriLevel matches toward the end of the year). When the ratings came out for 2017, she received a 3.0M (mixed exclusive) rating.

She's 0.500 thus far in 6.0 MXD as a 3.0M, so the rating seems correct. She was asked to join a ladies team, but when she answered the questionnaire, it gave her an output of 3.5S.

My question is, will she be able to continue playing 6.0 MXD as a 3.0? Intuitively, it would seem that she would have to play as a 3.5 for future MXD matches. However, the wording of the National regulation leaves room for ambiguity: "Players participating in the Adult Division who are promoted as a result of NTRP dynamic disqualification will be immediately required to participate at their new NTRP level in all USTA league programs." (emphasis mine) Plus, I noticed that a 2.5S player on a 6.0 MXD Nationals team (back in 2015) who had appealed up to 3.0S to play Ladies 3.0 and 7.0 MXD later in the year (that is, she was not dynamically DQ'd to 3.0) was listed on the roster at Nationals as a 2.5. So it's not clear to me that the 3.5S rating would override the 3.0M rating for the lady in question.

Alternatively, she could attempt to appeal her 3.5S rating.


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When a player with an M rating registers to play Adult, they do have to self-rate again. And the rule is that they can't self-rate lower than their M rating, but I don't believe it necessarily says they must self-rate at their M rating.

In fact, the regulation says they must self-rate for Adult at the higher of their M rating or the self-rating.

A player who plays exclusively in the Mixed
Division and subsequently chooses to participate in the Adult Division
must enter by using a valid Computer (C) rating from a previous year. If
such player does not have a valid (C) rating from a previous year, he or
she must self-rate with the minimum NTRP rating level being the higher
of the self-rating or valid Mixed Exclusive (M) rating.​

So this all appears correct per the regulations. She can try to appeal her 3.5S using her 3.0M and results there as support for it, but there is no guarantee it would be granted.