Any 4.5 and up NTRP using Prestige Mid?

I have been using the Youtek Prestige Pro for a few months after playing with the mid for a long time. I have been satisfied overall with everything the pro has to offer like forgiveness, little more spin, free power etc. My instincts tell me not to go back to the mid although I still could because I am in decent shape for a 4.5 singles player in my early 40s. Well, Yesterday I met a new guy who recently moved to my town. I played for about an hour with him and he was pretty much crushing almost everything and I could not get on top of his shots. He happens to use the prestige mid(Flexpoint version I think). This is rekindling my dreams to pickup my youtek mids again. Anybody doing league play still having good success with the mid at 4.5 or above level? Just curious to know your thoughts.
I'm a 5.5 and was using a Microgel Prestige Mid untill 2017(I'm 29)...then I switched to a Prestige Mid Plus and it helped me to raise the consistency of my game, specially on my one-handed backhand...the Mid is fantastic when you have time to crush your shots, but if I were you I would try a Mid Plus first.
I have a Youtek Prestige Mid and love playing with it on occasion, and I could play league play with it, it just comes up a little short sometimes. The Prince Phantom Pro 93P is slightly better, but again, I just find it a little lacking. I love taking these sticks out to hit with casually, or if I'm playing with guys a little below my level, but if I'm in a tough competition, I'm gonna grab something in the 95-98 range.