Any 5.0 Players Switch From Players Frame to Babolat and Get Even Better?

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I recently was losing 6-1, 6-2 to a legitimate 4.5. I've always been a technical player with "flowing and long "beautiful" strokes" as other say, but I'm not the best match player. I can hit with junior college players fine, but have never had the power, just a lot of accuracy. I've always played with ProStaff 90 and carry a RF97 when I can't handle a strong 4.5's pace with the 90. More recently, it was bothering me that I had to be doing HIIT 4 times a week, working out and very focused to get to 6-3 with this particular player, who is 51 (3 years older), very fast and match plays 4X a week (I hit 1X a week over the winter). He plays with Pure Drive (last generation) and gets amazing spin on his ball. I also hit with alot of spin but notice deeper shots and better rallying ability with the RF97 with him.

So I bought a used APD and a used Head Speed Pro. I am still losing (partially due to the amount I am playing) but with the Head I am doing the best due to the ability to have more put aways at net. sets are 6-4, 7-5 now. With the APD I also play better. I tested his Pure Drive and we both were floored how my serves seemed faster and still had the punch of the APD. When I switch back to the PS90 and RF97, it's a joke. Maybe the RF97 can get close if I'm in great shape and playing a lot. I can hit better shots with more pace off lazier preparation and footwork. I simply have to bend a bit lower on low balls to raise the ball with the prostaffs vs can dip the racquet head and get a more generous launch angle with the same stroke and lift the ball over the net.

I expect to be beating this 4.5 this summer when I'm playing 3-4X myself. I would rate myself a solid 4.0 but my USTA is actually 3.5 due to bad losses a couple of years ago and non-competition the last 2 years. I need more data points with these more forgiving racquets but I do believe you can jump an NTRP point if you have strong technical strokes and are getting older and not getting enough power. I still love the feel of the prostaff's but I will no longer use them to compete.
You are lying to yourself, but it’s cool. We’ve all been there before.


One of the guys in my training group uses a Pure Aero. He seems to be the better player IF he keeps the ball in. His technique is really good, but you see him struggling with balls flying long. I'm 100% certain that if this guy went with a more player like frame (but still whippy) he would really crush his opponents.