Any advice before first playoff match?

Discussion in 'Tennis Tips/Instruction' started by !<-_->!, Apr 30, 2004.

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    Feb 21, 2004
    Hi everyone,

    On Monday, I will play my first playoff match for my high school. Although this may sound good, it actually isn't. The leauge that we are in isn't that good, so there hasn't been much good play between other schools. Also, I think our school is seeded last so we'll be playing the best school within the schools in this section of the playoffs.

    And now to describe myself and give the readers a basis on how to give advice. I play doubles 2 for my school. I'm left-handed. I have fairly good strokes compared to the rest of my team. Also, I probably volley the best out of the team. However, my serve is the weakest aspect. I have had consecutive days where I can serve great. However, my serve just goes all of sudden. Now about my partner. He isn't a real tennis player so to speak. He just plays whenever are season starts and never practices after that. He has mediocre strokes. His serve is ok, but it goes like 10mph per hour and his second serve is a dink. Therefore this makes it hard for me to play net because the opponent will mostly likely attack the ball and blast it.

    So now my question is, do you have any advice to prepare for this match? I know I may be stressing out a little much, but I want to do at least decent when I go to playoffs.

    Thanks for any help if you can understand any of stuff I have written.
  2. Roforot

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    Feb 21, 2004
    Practice and develop a slice/spin serve into the body. This type of serve is more reliable (compared to usual flat serves) so you won't double fault and will have more confidence.

    Don't worry about power or aces; they won't be able to tee off and this gives you a chance at the volley.

    As for your partner's weak 2nd serve, it depends on your confidence at net. If your volleys are good, it can be advantageous b/c then you can expect them to go after you. Most volleyers can defend and put away hard hit balls sent straight at them. In addition, a lot of teams will overhit these soft serves. However, if they can blast it past you (or through you) then play 2back on his 2nd serve.
  3. kevhen

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    Feb 20, 2004
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    If you partner's serve is really short and weak, then I would play back at the baseline if I were you, especially if your opponents are just ripping balls past you for winners or putting your partner immediately on the defensive. That way you can at least help out in defense and force your opponents to at least make good volleys.

    If you are double faulting on your serve, then maybe dink them in yourself on the 2nd serve and have your partner play back at the baseline then.

    Make your opponents at least beat you and don't beat yourself with DF's. Pretty typical of HS/3.5 level players to do that to themselves.

    Good luck tonight.

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