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Discussion in 'Odds & Ends' started by Marc C., Mar 14, 2004.

  1. Marc C.

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    Feb 19, 2004
    A few years ago, I purchased a stringing machine to offset the cost of breaking strings every 2-3 sets. In my area the cost for stringing ranges from $30(gamma syn gut 16) to $40(TNT or NXT), which I believe is totally obsurd. Recently I have been stringing for some friends and have made quite a bit of money considering I only charge about $10-$20. I would like to make some more money this summer by starting my own stringing business from my home. I am sure there will be customers considering the prices of stringing at the local clubs and pro shops. Any advice on how to go about doing this? I would gladly pick up and drop off rackets for a charge. How would I get customers? What prices would be cheap enough to get people away from the pro shops, but more expensive than 10 bux. Thanks!
  2. moonshine

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    Mar 2, 2004
    As a general rule, find a good price on the string, double it and then charge for your labor. For example, you find Sensation for 5 bucks a pack, and you think that fifteen dollars is enough for your time and energy. You charge 25 bucks per racquet. Buying reels of popular strings helps you to keep your profit margin up as well. On string like NXT or natural gut, you will not be able to double the cost, lest you start charging like the pro shops in your area.

    Word of mouth will work well to start your business. Be consistent with every racquet. The best stringers are the ones who are never noticed. Every racquet is the same every time. Play tournaments and USTA leagues so you can get to know players in your area. Inevitably, somebody is going to break a string at some point. You can then offer to string it for them. Offer it as a friendly gesture, saying something like "If you like, I can string that for you so you don't have to pay the ridiculous stringing prices they charge here." If you do a good job, word will get out pretty quickly. Next time that person is on court and someone breaks a string, they'll say "Call Marc. He does a good job and is pretty reasonable with his prices." Be patient, and don't quit your day job anytime soon. Before too long, you should be bringing in a few extra bucks doing something you enjoy.

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