Any Chance for Wilson Ultra Countervail?


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Is Wilson going to "countervail" their entire fleet?
I think the Ultra Countervail (black with the blue on the sides) would look sick.. sick as in good.


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Wilson ultra is an excellent frame and with the new material it has zero vibrations. Personally i hope Wilson will not add counterveil and also destroy ultras feel on ball contact.


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It is a time tested pro-stock H19 that Wilson is cool enough to finally sell retail.

If you want "new model" go get something else.
Actually I read the Ultra Tour is the stock model with a 97 sq. in. head size and without countervail. The OTHER Ultras apparently will have countervail and will have a bigger head size (100). I read they're coming out with a L and an UL version as well.

Details are still coming out and I only read about it yesterday so I could have some details wrong.