any chance to 2021 AO will be Canceled ?

Aussie Darcy

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interesting what's the point to postpone it a few weeks, they think the situation will change cardinally if so?
Melbourne's just come out of lockdown after months and currently have gone 16 days without a case in the entire state of Victoria but we are understandably being safe and so no guarentees can be assured for the tournament yet until more time goes on and we keep the virus out. :)


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The rest of the world loves a good hacking cough so much that people are marching in the streets demanding their right to get ill.

Australia and New Zealand have kept the plague out and prefer it that way.

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people mocking tennis Australia for being overcautious, remember that they're bossing this pandemic atm and are coming out on top while your country is protesting the right to die and calling masks fascism