Any experience with Adidas adizero defiant bounce.


I have a pair. They were barely acceptable for playing on har-tru. I wouldn't consider using them on hard court given their overall lack of structure and support. I only wear them off the court now.


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Just finished a pair. They were comfy, but I never thought I was well supported. Cushioning ability was not great. I actually thought the cushion was done based on post-play next day aches and retired them with tread remaining.

Manute Bol

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I have a pair. I use them on red and green clay. I wouldn’t use them on hard as the cushioning is limited. The upper part is super comfy.


Very comfortable. Light weight. Breathable. Hardly any lateral support. I have two pair one I only use on clay and the other I just use for casualwear


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I wore these for the first time for a two-hour practice and they're pretty comfy. The cushioning to me was very firm vice the soft cushioning in the barricade clubs that I usually wear. I had no issues with the fit, no heel slipping or toe jamming. The outsole was very grippy and helped me make quick cuts and changes of direction.