Any good drills for totaly beginners which is not boring?

Discussion in 'Tennis Tips/Instruction' started by MaratSafin_fan, Aug 29, 2010.

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    I am starting as a trainer now for totally beginners but one problem is that they are REALLY TOTALLY BEGINNERS and they cant play at all. I try to have basic training but they think it's boring. What drills should I use so they can have fun and learning because they getting bored when the ball wont get in play at all and basic training is really boring for them.

    Please help me out! Thanks!
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    Easiest is to have a group of friends who know to play to join you with the session. In this way, there's a lot more one on one time spent on each players. The guys will be helping feeding and hitting the ball back to the students - there's alot more activity instead of spending time picking up balls. Play with mini tennis!

    Another option is practice making ball/ racquet contact by hitting against the wall. Goal for this session is to work on the feel , proper grip and hand eye coordination.

    I've used this drill when I first taught my wife how to play.
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    Well your first mistake is trying to do drills.

    If they're beginners and don't know how to hit, why would you make them do drills first?

    I know you said "they get bored" but then they're just being stupid. Here's how I see it:

    A teacher is a lighthouse who guides the boats. Right now, you're just letting the boats go wherever you want.
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    Consider getting some Wilson Starter Game Tennis Balls:

    "The Wilson Starter Game Balls are designed for beginners and juniors. The low compression ball is the same size as a conventional tennis ball and is ideal for play on a 60 foot court.
    Approved by the USTA for quickstart tennis play format.

    ◦12 balls per pack
    ◦Ideal for 60 foot court
    ◦25% lighter than conventional tennis ball
    ◦For ages 10 and under"

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    if you have the money buy a lobster machine
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    First drill they should do is:

    1. forehand
    2. run in
    3. forehand volley
    4. run back
    5. repeat

    Easy, crack jokes about grunting while you're doing it. Build some rapport with them. It's easier to teach someone if they want to listen to you.

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