Any good shoes under $75 any more?

Are there any good shoes for under $75 any more. Do I have to wait on a sale. I'm used to wearing Nike Free running shoes, and would like something lightweight, but made for tennis.. Thanks


It's been tough lately due to supply chain issues so pricing reflects that. You can get shoes under $100 with sales depending on your size but they most likely won't be the top of the line models. Please don't wear running shoes for tennis you are asking to have an injury since running shoes are not made for lateral motion and you could mark up the courts.

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The high-end Decathlon Artengo shoes may just narrowly make your requirements.
They are not terrible either. Though I am not sure Decathlon even fully operates in the States.
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If you have one near, Adidas outlets typically carry tennis shoes (at least the bigger outlets) and have them on sale for $80 less. The other day, saw some Stycons for $76 and CourtJam Bounce (a good Ubersonic alternative) for around $60.

Same with Asics as well as they usually have a BOGO half-off deal at outlets. They usually have Court Speed FFs which are similar to the Solution Speed FFs.


The asics gel challengers are currently $95 ftom TW. Well worth the $20 above your budget. Little to no break in period, good cushioning, traction and durability.


Got a pair of Asics GR7 from my local tennis outlet for $75. Fortunate, as I had found the GR8 doesn't allow my orthotic and foot to fit at the same time.


Do shoes under $75 exist anymore?
Yes but mostly on the lower end, rec player, shoe lines. Can definitely get some sale pricing down there for the mid-level shoes but at the higher end I have not seen them that low in a long time. Could be pandemic supply chain related or could just be the new normal.

I just picked up a pair of Vapor Cage 4's for $89 on sale and I was happy b/c in my bigfoot size (M14) it's hard to find anything under $100 in stock. I don't know if it's just facing facts or giving up but I have come to the realization that 'getting the lowest price' does not equate to the best deal. The best deal is what someone feels comfortable paying so for me if it's something I really want and I can save a bit on it I just go for it. Waiting for a bit more discount usually ends up with me not getting it.


I don't know how much they cost in USA, but in UK the Nike Airmax Wildcard HC is dirt cheap and really isn't that bad of a shoe.
I liked how the old Prince T 22 (or the model before that) felt. Problem with Prince is that they were so heavy, and definitely not made as zero break-in shoes. Liked the wider forefoot, narrower heel though.


Still wearing adidas Gamecourts (2 pairs) that I found on adidas website for about $30.00per pair. I know these are not high end, but the soles have held up really well (rotate between three pairs of shoes0. I cannot see paying over $50.00 for my tennis shoes.


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Do tennis shoes and other apparel go on sale towards end of year into holiday season? if so, what does the timeline typically look like? With tennis being primarily a summer sport, I'd imagine there to be some kind of promotion to get rid of old inventory as they come out with new fancy colors next year. I just ordered a bunch of shoes to try out, some of them won't even be in stock until november. Makes no sense to pay full price now when they're going to be 20% discounted when they're actually in stock.


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I buy Kswiss Bigshot any time I can find them "cheap," including on eeeebay. Doesn't seem to matter the iteration to me, they all fit in my size and are comfortable with enough support. I don't care about fashion and don't care what anyone thinks about my shoes, tennis or otherwise. I have 4 pair currently in rotation all different colors and a couple of iterations. I swear the following is true. I have never had a hot 25-65 yr old tennis playing woman make a negative or positive comment about my tennis shoes:)