Any idea whats going on with my black widow?


Hi guys,
I just put new strings on my Babolat Aero Pro. Based on recommendations and reviews, I decided to go with the Dunlop Black Widow string, 17 gauge at 55 pounds. Today I used it for the first time and didnt like it that much. I didn't feel it gave me more spin and some of the shots that I used to make were out. Do I need to get used to the new string? Should I give it another try and be patient or should I re-string? If so, at what tension? I was reading reviews saying that people increased their tension with this string. I used to play with Alu power rough and babolat xcel at 53. I had tennis elbow few months ago, so I was concerned that black widow could cause pain, but so far so good with my elbow. I would appreciate any recommendation on what to do to make the black widow work for me as I heard great things about the string. Thanks


Nothing is wrong with the black widow. Like any other string it doesn't work for everybody. You could try messing with the tension but even then it might not be to your liking.


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Muppet and Rodrigo are on point. BW is much softer than most polys which is why many suggest to go up a bit. But, on the other hand, it drops tension like a beast. Give it another try and see if you have different results. If you still want to give it a shot, I'd drop it to 53.


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I use 35 lbs., STBite16, on 3 of my Aero500's weighted to 11+ oz and 320 SW's. Hit's precise and is by far my best set play rackets.