any kevin kim fans here?


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Yes, he's got a pretty game, just not the results. The USTA used to follow him, but he kept on losing. Says it all, too bad. If more fans got a chance to see him, I think they'd like him. He's got an atypical game from most Asian descent playes on tour, more of Federer style looks, strokes, and body type than the Chang/Alex Kim/Mammit get everything back into play mindset.


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I'm watching him right now. I must say I like his style. His backhand is a little weaker to threaten the bigger players. But he has nice strokes. Although he has a hard time now. Hope he'll get into a groove..


Saw Kevin play in Atlanta several years back.
Pretty strokes / game to watch, results not there, but entertaining none the less.
i seen him play in queens new york old US open place playing a clay challenger tournament. I thought he was better then that guy trishapen and prettier to watch