any new about Reebok Court Victory Pump shoes


I know it been a while since A-Rod debut the shoes at US Open, and on these board have mention that the one he wear will not be avalaible for public ( GOOD PR Reebok, that why i wear Nike). I have search around on the internet to no avaliable of the "mid cut" version of CVP. I find some of have the original Micheal Chang CVP...don't have my side 12.. hehehe...Outside store seen never hear of the shoe, hehehe (another good PR Reebok, not market on a top name player shoes)

back in 92, i have the Chang CVP, love it...should have buy more of it.. like the feel of the cover of the air pump, and the support for mid cut..

Anyway, anybody know where i could find the NEW "mid cut" CVP...

"use to be Reebox fan"


I was just in the Reebok store on Columbus Avenue, NY, NY, on Sunday walking the dog. They sell about three different colorways of the Court Victory Pump 3/4, BUT NOT Roddick's dark gray version. The colorways I saw were wht/green/yellow (original), wht/blu/yellow (also original) and wht/red/blu (new). Never really liked this shoe because of its weak heel counter/support, so I didn't bother checking out the price. But they were "on the wall" as though they had plenty in stock. Their number is 212-799-6523.

TW Staff

Roddick is wearing the Match Day Pump. It is quite different to the old Court Victory Pump and should prove to be more durable and stable.

Chris, TW.