Any other Fed fans dwelling on 40-15 all over again?


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Exactly. I'm in my mid 30s now and was lucky to be a teenager during peak Fed's years.

If I was any younger there's simply NO WAY I would understand how good peak Fed was, no matter how many short Youtube highlights I've watched.

Pretty much anyone between the ages of 0 to 29 really has no say in declaring either Nadal or Djokovic GOAT when they either weren't alive or unable to comprehend (mentally) how good Fed was

I mean if they have watched enough full length matches of peak fed, that'd be ok. (even if not as good as following live)
But they wouldn't even have watched enough of peak fed and then start commenting.

I mean for example, I didn't watch Borg live (obviously not that old), but have seen quite a few full length matches of him and know his stats.
guy was a monster at his peak. and had the best 4 year period in open era after fed (77-80).
not as good as following him live, but much better than just some highlight clips here and there.
3 years and 2 months ago, while Federer's birthday was just over a month ago.

As I said, Federer was 37 from 8 August 2018 to 7 August 2019. He didn't become 38 until 8 August 2019. That's how someone's age works. The 2019 Wimbledon final was on 14 July 2019, so he was 37 at the time.

Thanks for explaning what a first grader should already know lol.


Over 3yrs later and I still think about that 2019 Wimbledon final and still cant comprehend how he lost that match. I'm finding myself thinking about it again now he has retired as I guess it has confirmed my fears at the time that that was his last chance.

Although ultimately even with one more slam he still would have trailed Nadal by 1 it is likely to have drastic consequences in terms of his Wimbledon record.

Djokovic is now only 1 behind and given the horrendously weak Wimbledon field now, its likely he will at least equal Roger which quite frankly is vommit inducing. If Roger had won that final it would be 9-6 and his record would probably be safe. Such fine margins but huge consequences.
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No I'm dwelling on the last match I saw him play. I have seen him a gazillion and one times but am still dirty on myself for not sticking around at his semi AO20.

It was so hot in rod laver and Djok was going to win so I stepped out in the 2nd set and didn't go back in. I couldn't stomach another loss to Djok.

I never leave a Fed match early before that day.


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Honestly everyone who keeps bringing this up should go **** themselves. The only things that should be talked about his how awesome this guys game was and how ****ty the tour has been without him.
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I cannot take this anymore
I'm saying everything I've said before
All these words they make no sense
I find bliss in ignorance
Less I hear the less you'll say
But you'll find that out anyway
Just like before

That's the feeling of the thread Federer fans



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Federer's topspin bh here gets shaky in the big moments like the tiebreakers, which is a surprise given how good it was against Nadal, and an essential weapon. He chips often on returns and rallies, and runs around his bh to hit fhs, all of which gives Djokovic the advantage. Doesn't play tbs with the usual energy either. Too many ufes to get it done.