Any people who had wrist tendonitis out there?

Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by KayFactor, Feb 11, 2013.

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    Well I currently have a wrist problem that when applying any type of pressure on it, it inflames, it feels tender. I'm not sure but this may be tendonitis, however it only occurs on the ulnar side of my wrist.

    Now, I'm jut wondering if anyone has had tendonitis before, and how they went along to cure it. I'm seeing a hand doctor on Friday, but I jut want to know if anyone of you share the same experience.
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    Ice, take what dr tells you and stop playing tennis for 2 months if it gets worse.
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    Simple Test for Split Ligament & Tennis Wrist Injury Information

    Last summer, I had some mild wrist pain, ulna side, when trying out some new forehand and serving techniques. One possibility, it looked as if my wrist might have been at the wrong angle on the serve as described below. ?

    Yesterday, I came across these very interesting videos from a Mayo Clinic hand surgeon, Dr Berger.
    Split UT ligament - Astonishing, candid video!

    He is saying that he discovered that a ligament on the ulna side of the wrist can have a split that runs along it. If I understand the first video, in the past when he looked at it arthroscopically he would see blood vessels and thought that they were defects on the outside of the ligament. He would then clean up the blood vessels as diseased tissue. But actually the ligament had a split that had opened up and he was looking inside the ligament. He found a very easy test of pressing on the side of the wrist to diagnose this specific injury that does not show on MRIs.

    I hope that you can understand the videos and ask your Dr his thoughts. The Mayo Clinic Dr sounds as if this was a recent discovery.

    USTA Wrist injury information-

    Thread with replies on known wrist injuries - see CharlieFedererer reply #11.

    Wrist stress by questionable serving technique from another thread -
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