any prince o3 white users left?

just ordered my 3rd white - never thought that i would be so sticky on this racket. after my first shots years ago i wanted to bring it back, but i felt in love with this stick. although some friends tell me every time this racket is 2 levels under my skill. it's just perfect!

anybody here with some good (or not so) experiences?
whats your current setups?


ps: is it right that isner is still playing with the original o3 white?

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Great racquet, I don't currently use it but hold very fond memories of playing it and don't rule out a come back to it, still keep 2 in my bag.

Yes Isner is still using it.


I am back on O3 White, after 1,5 year playing with Yonex RDiS 300 and Speedport Pro White. Excellent racquet! But I allways want to try something different, so I just ordered from TW BB DeltaCore Pro :). But O3 white, great for serving, deep slice and deep forehands. And I think that O3 white is the most comfotable racquet
Best set up I found was full blue gear and 5gm's at 12 o'clock
surprisingly i have no lead on my white - as i head on every racket before.
first i thought the racket is a bit light, but it feels while playing perfect. :)

on strings i switched quite much.
now - as i postet previously - i'm tryin the poor-man hybrid with endouro tour & sensation. in a few days i will get the chance to play with it.