Any racket which rivals pure aero in spin production .....


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Wilson Steam 105S is pretty ridiculous with its 16x15 string pattern and a poly/smooth synthetic hybrid.
When I first switched I actually had issues with balls falling too far short because I was generating topspin so easily.


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Probably none but if you want something similar with thin beam, TC100 is where you should start.


Totally depends on the player. Honestly the most spin friendly frame I played was a super low powered 18x20 (pure storm ltd) because I had the confidence to hit out on the ball and that was when I played 90% of my games on clay. This was a fantastic frame for my game. Moving on from that I found the RF97 to offer exceptional control and nice spin but stiff. I then tried the Angell TC95 and found it is a great frame but still a bit of control issue compared to the old PSL due to open pattern. The TC97 18x20 was great but sluggish, spin was better for me due to controlled response. I also played with the TC90 but my wrist wasnt as happy with it but it is an exceptional frame (70RA).

I played with the pure aero for about 6 months and found its spin is average due to the lack of control. Nadal uses 1.35 gauge strings and still had issues controlling this in prototype and stuck with his APDO. If you are swinging with an extreme western it would probably be fine but directional control suffers due to the spacing. Using 1.20 or 1.25 low enough for comfort was just too much effort for me to change all my strokes to get used to.

In the end I have settled on the Prince 93P. It gives me exactly what I need, penetrating spin that kicks forward, depth, control and exceptional feel. Softer than the RF97 but not as much spin as the PSL. If the TC90 was not as stiff that would be my backup to the 93p. I may buy another one later due to the feel and playability.

Spin for me:

TC97/RF97 (these played very similar for me)
TC95/PA as I was not confident with these frames from playing so long with 18x20.

Of the frames the PSL is easily the most demanding frame I have ever played, its narrow headshape punishes poor footwork and its lower powered softer feel made it imperitive to play smart. The 93P is exceptional and plays very similar but slightly firmer feel and higher power. A natural progression and incredible addition for 18x20 users.
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Nothing with a thinner beam will rival its spin production imo but the Pro Staff 97 has spectacular spin for its specs. Also TC100 and TC95. Head Graphene Extreme XT rivals and maybe exceeds Pure Aero spin but that's not thin.


whhhaaaa? They are totally different. RF97 has way more stiffness, spin and lift, while TC97 has a lot softer loop and hits kinda flat.
My rf97 was honestly good at flat hitting more than anything else, felt like a club as well similar to the angell. Its also pretty closed compared to other 16x19 and punishes flat forehands. Just string the tc97 a bit lower. Its also much firmer than the 62ra lead me to believe, and needed full poly for me leading to even more issues. Wasnt bad in hybrid but missing the wow factor.

Please note that this was stringing the rf97 with gut hybrid at 58/55 or so, would not in any way describe this frame as loopy with how it swings. Quite neutral to how it played, similar to my 93P in all honestly. But then I played the black one with lower tension poly and it was completely different so I can see your reasoning.

Feel different - the way that they are needed to play is very similar. Flat hitting first strike. RF just a little better at nearly everything.
I don't think too many people consider the LS to be an RF97, so I'm pretty sure he's talking about the RF97A. Plus the LS doesn't have a 16x19 string pattern.
I didn't mean the 97ls or the 97L I mean the regular rf97 that is about 332g strung.


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I would say the Phantom 100, Textreme Tour 100P and Pro Staff 97S are some rackets close to what you are seeking.