Any Reviews for Eagnas Electronic Tension Head

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  1. indyfob2008

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    Mar 13, 2009
    I am curious about the quality of the Eagnas machines that are built with their electronic tension head. Any users out there? Since it looks like they use the same parts to build their machines (i.e. a Flex manual vs. Flex Electronic, only difference is the tensioner), if one were to decide between, for example, Combo Manual vs. Combo Electronic, would it be worth it to buy the electronic version?
  2. onefromcov

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    Dec 29, 2005
    Iowned a Smart 3000 with rotational gripper , I found the tension would fluctuate by 3lb if you
    put a scale on and done 5 pulls,this is the scale reading the last time I tried it
    using a spring calibrator

    pull 1 60lb
    pull 2 62lb
    pull 3 61lb
    pull 4 63lb
    pull 5 61lb
    The readings were out at lower tensions around the 20lb,and 30lb range as well.
    I have purchased a Stringway ms200 and used the same scale and as you would expect the readings are dead on using the same calibrator.
    You get what you pay for cheap machine cheap components.

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