Any sponsorship changes for 2021 season?


Seems like Head doesnt put any priority on one of there best lines ever the prestige. Cilic will sell 0 prestiges and if they dont make any lucrative top name endorse it...well then they will only sell in small numbers which is a pity....

im still blown away that they let thiem slip through their fingers...literally the only Austrian prospect for the foreseeable future. they also switched musetti to extreme so there goes any of their prestige prospects for the next 10years. Might as well put Gilles Simon on the placard at this point..would literally have 0 effect to their bottom line :laughing:
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Apparently this happened back in late 2020, but Mmoh is now using Dunlop:



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I don't know what the Dunlop sx is (Only a week into the new year). They no longer are using the Srixon REVOs? Is this sx similar to the Aero?
Yeah pretty much Dunlop’s equivalent to the aero. It came out early 2020


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Not sure if it’s just me but when clicking through the Qatar open stories on Instagram it seems head’s signed a lot of new players


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Particularly interesting switch, coming from the old PAVS or predecessor (Aero Storm).
I think it suits him, since he was using a PAVS, and before that a standard PA. The racquet is kind of an in-between spec of those two.


Historically, endorsements did not sell Prestige well. It is a special racket not for everyone...
However, they do have a few decent players using Prestige PJ - Popryn, Koepfer, Cilic...

Indeed. The Prestige is a scalpel in a sea full of bazookas.


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Rublev should probably endorse the Prestige line since every one endorsing it isn't good anymore.
If I were head i'd put him in the instinct or prestige line.
It’d be interesting to see some data on yearly sales of each racket. Does that exist?


The prestige is a very special raquet, much like a wilson pro staff is also a very special raquet, fed has probably sold incredible numbers of pro staffs for wilson. Had he played with a prestige he would have done the same for that line im sure, when you have a player with that kind of star quality the fact that the raquet may not be idealy suited to most players becomes secondary....youve just got to have that stick! This is where head has gone wrong with the prestige, the could have had both Djoker and Murray endorse it and things would have been very different. Do you know why Fed started playing with the ps 85? He said so in an interview. Because Pistol Pete was using it. Which young player is going to pick up a prestige because their favourite player is using it? No one, cause no one has a favourite player anymore using a prestige. Instead you see young players that started playing with the prestige and doing great switching to other raquets, Thiem and recently also Lorenzo Muzetti to mention a couple. Maybe they just dont see their role models using them and therefore don't think they are the best sticks. If Head doesnt get some star quality players to that line its all downhill for that line regardless of how good the sticks are....
Stan would of been a big seller of prestige’s if he hadn’t switched. Head has missed the boat very badly with the prestige.


Kokkinakis not with New Balance anymore? What happened there?
He was with New Balance? I thought Nike. Then again, I don’t think I’ve seen him in a few years.
Kokkinakis New Balance to nothing. He have no sponsor anymore? It's weird.
That didnt last long. Maybe they pulled him to pay for Bouchard's under-performing self

I'd guess this is more the reason:

Thanasi Kokkinakis (AUS)
Singles Ranking: 266​


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Kecmanovic (spelling) also switched to Dunlop SX series. Looks like they are making a decent push to grab 20-27 year olds. He is ranked in the top 50. Mmoh in the top 150