Any tips on how to poke the strings thru the Wilson " Power holes" faster?

Use a pathfinder awl or blunt needles. I have a Triad 3 to string with Power Holes. I doubt a pathfinder awl will fit but I think a small blunt needle will.

EDIT: My guess is the Power Holes you are talking about are the ones on the older rackets that did not protrude through the frame which is a bit different than the Triad 3 but same principle. First push the needle through the Power Hole from the outside and place the tip on your finger to steady it. With a point cut on the string place the tip of the string in the needle and push the needle out.
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I have a little shake in my hands now so I generally place a finger on the racket and grommet to help guide the string in the grommet. I do the same for the needle on Power Holes I can't see.
A desk lamp or a flashlight helps me to see the holes. Prince also has a variation on this grommet system fro some of their older model frames. What works best for me is good lighting and a string that is not black. 8-B
Better lighting condition will also help alot,,
im almost to the point of frustration with my room lights that I might wear thoes headlamps when stringing,,, haaa