Any tips on my FH??


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Hey just curious if anyone had some tips for my FH. I’m a solid 4.0 player and use the internet for coaching.


Obviously very limited video so can’t see much but looks like you get jammed up a little bit and aren’t hitting it far enough out in front of your body.


You look overall solid with these strokes (y) one thing you may wish to consider: your loop prep is quite long, and on this fast court you look a bit pressed by the ball. You might either try to rush your prep more to be here by bounce:

Or you may experiment with making your takeback more compact/abbreviated - generally or situationally.

With either of that you’ll be able to be more over the ball - meet it more in front, moving forward and pound with great authority :cool:

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Compare your forehand to ATP servers in this post, one above the other and single frame.

You have a bent elbow forehand so ignore Federer and Nadal and pick your model forehand or a video that is very similar to the stroke in your video. You can find your own videos for comparison and simply post them under your video.

Here is another post with instructions for comparisons.
This video shows the circular and linear forehand techniques. Your feet stay in the same position and you have a circular forehand technique. (no forward step needed for circular technique). The back leg should apply upward thrust (see Djokovic forehand). The video displays are excellent in this video.

You can compare forehands single frame and side-by-side in this post. To single frame on Youtube, stop the video and use the period & comma keys. To select the video always use the alt key + left mouse click, otherwise the video starts playing. You can go full screen and come back down and the video stays on the same frame. Stop on the frames of impacts for each forehand. Move back and forth comparing forehands. For most accurate comparisons, use very similar camera views. Observe and make notes of all differences that you see.

Compare your right leg use.

Compare how your feet point.

Compare how your uppermost body moves. Seen by the line between the two shoulders as it would appear from above. Compare the line angle from start forward to impact.

Compare your forehand separation to Djokovic's. For posts describing and illustrating separation -
Forum Search: forehand separation Chas

Be glad to discuss the differences that you see and other differences.

Warning - Separation involves trunk twisting. Djokovic is very flexible and his separation to his full ranges of motion would be risky for many people.

You can post other pro forehand videos yourself, one above the other.
Follow the instructions in the above quoted post to compare your forehand.

For starters your separation looks suspect. I've posted on that many times. Forum Search: forehand separation Chas Tennis

You are not using your off arm as most ATP players are doing. Near straight, speed it up before the forward swing starts, pull it in to speed up the turn of the uppermost body.
See F. Lopez's use of his off arm in this post.
(Try not to look at the other posts in that thread.)

You do not appear to look at the ball very closely. This is a controversial subject, be aware of your options and what the ATP players are currently doing. See especially Medvedev, Djokovic and Federer.

Your racket & ball have excessive motion blur indoors. When you can, video in bright direct sunlight. The automatic exposure control in your camera will select a faster shutter speed in sunlight because bright sunlight has about 80-100 times more light than indoor tennis lighting = less motion blur.

When you compare some videos, look for differences and post them. I'll be glad to discuss.
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