Any wide shoes not listed in TW's "wide shoe" section


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In the TW Shoe Finder, they have a a list of "shoes for wide feet" but I'm interested to hear specifically from folks with a wide toebox.

I have a fairly wide foot (4e often feels comfortable for me), but was surprised that the Babolat Propulse 2 (if I skipped the first eyelet) actually felt roomy enough in the toebox for me. Those Babolats are not classified as "wide" per se, so clearly there is some subjectivity here.

I have a pretty small foot generally speaking, with a wide toebox and a reasonably narrow heal.

Anyone have a recommendation? I've never had much success with Nike or Adidas, but to be fair, I've only tried a pair here or there in a local sports shop (by no means have I tested them all).

Any suggestions appreciated (ideally, something that comes with a durability guarantee, as I wore out the Babolats in less than 5 months).


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I take it you are interested in shoes other than New Balance?

Nothing against New Balance. The only ones I tried were the CT1004s and I had to send them back b/c they were too big overall. The width was nice, but the length was too big. I then tried a half size down and again, the width felt great, but the length still felt too long (which was surprising).

So I went down yet another half size, and then they were too small.

This is actually why I ask if there are any shoes with a roomy toebox, but which aren't (necessarily) classified as "wide."

It seems that I need a lot of room up front, or my foot feels very squished and every step I take, I feel this sort of "popping" sensation in the bones. That goes away if there is plenty of room up front.

I wonder if I could take almost any pair of medium width shoes and use one of those stretchy things to stretch out the toebox. Has anyone ever done this?
Prince T22s and T9s have a pretty wide toebox imo. I dunno how wide it would be compared to a wide shoe, but i'd say its noticeably wider than regular width.
I'm not sure whether or not if the T9s toebox is similar to the T22s. I know both are wider than the average shoe, but I really don't know. Sorry. Your best bet is to order them to try it on for yourself and return them if they don't fit right. I wore my friend's pair of T22s before and they were honestly way too loose in the forefoot for me. Oh yeah, I have slightly wider than normal feet and I prefer to wear size 10s even though i can fit 9.5s fine. Hope you find a good fitting shoe.


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I normally wear a 4E Asics running shoe and the regular width Nike Air Generate MSL crosstrainer fits me perfectly. Very soft shoe with enough support for tennis. Just wore them tonight and they work very well for tennis. Inexpensive, too.