Any1 knows the vintage string savers made of leather:?)))....................

Any1 knows in 40s 50s if there's anything like string savers we call nowadays:?))) I remember a few yrs ago I bought a 50s wooden racket in a garage sale n found quite a few small round shape bits between the strings crossing. I'm quite sure they're genuine leather. Now I'm doing a test of current market string saver vs genuine leather bits, both in the same fresh string bed. I'll find out which's better in a wk as I hit ~600-1000 sometimes even more fh/bh every day:)))).....................

Also I've googled string saver history 1st early user etc etc but no info of it.
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It's the 1st time for me to play with string savers on n felt funny 1st but adapted to it in less than 20min as I'm very very adaptive to different rackets/strings n tried >100 different rackets/strings from 50s wooden to current Babo PDs. Also felt like bit more topspin with the savers on.

I haven't restrung whole fresh bed for my self for years n always only replace 2 or 3 broken/near broken strings as only takes me a few min to get my racket back in action. I remember a wooden racket I bought a few yrs ago had leather bits on its strings around sweet spot so I restrung fresh on a PD to compare the current savers (blue) and the genuine leather 1s I cut with the hole-puncher (photo shown). I'll find out next week to see which protects string better:)))))...................

Just wonder if any1 here knows how tennis players in 40s 50s use string savers:?)))))...............
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The linked picture looks "string eyes" to me, plastic circles with a hole in the middle.
I used them from the early 1980's .
Round leather circles were used to ease the angle of the strings in wooden and other early frames.
I have never had the pleasure of seeing a frame with leather pads in the interlaced string bed.

The linked picture looks "string eyes" to me, plastic circles with a hole in the middle.
I used them from the early 1980's .
Round leather circles were used to ease the angle of the strings in wooden and other early frames.
I have never had the pleasure of seeing a frame with leather pads in the interlaced string bed.
yup.......the blue bits have tinny holes in the middle n come inside the insertion tool I bought online. The wooden racket I mentioned was the only 1 I came across that got the leather circle bits on the old string crosses but not dense like 1 after another while only 10 or 12 spreading within the sweet spot. It seems no info online re. very early/start using string savers n it must be something started late 70s or early 80s:?)))) the 50s wooden racket I bought with 'string savers' must be done by the very 1st people trying to prolong his/her stings:?))) regret I sold that racket after played for a while for fun.................

Also quite a few wooden I bought did have the leather angle cushions/guides on the frame, as you mentioned:)))))...............................
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After hitting with the fresh bed with the mixed string savers on I felt pretty good, a bit more spin at same pace n probably anything poppup/stickout a bit can drive a bit more topspin on the ball:?))))............

I'm testing with Babo APD n Duratech String @48lb with round eyed savers bought online n leather round pad cut by myself to see which 1's better. The string is just really cheap online AU$55 for 50x 12m ie only ~$1 each 12m not even US$, not worth of 'savering' it at all n just for testing n saving my restringing time.

Every 1 min saved will be worth of at least 20-30 fh/bh hits in my 'shooting gallery' :))))))..........................
I always use the elastocross string savers, but never seen leather ones before. Very interesting, thanks for sharing!
yep man always fun to try something new n it's just occurred to me when I bought the eyed savers for my son's fresh string bed n some left over so I did myself a 'luxury' fresh string bed to test the differences between the current savers n leather 1s which I came across a few yrs ago on a golden oldie woodie. I couldn't find any info re 40s 50s string savers n it might well be a personal random action of the previous owner of that wooden racket.

I've been using 'dead doggy patching up strings' for yrs n only restrung a complete fresh bed for testing the real leather string savers n amazed that 'hot knife cutting through butter' feeling n found a bit lost control on depth/width when play in court on wknd. My '3 callus-sensors' on my fingers must be out of tune due to loose grip. I'd better come back to my beloved 'dead doggy patching up strings' as with a dull knife I can easily shape the cuts n use full power of legs:))))).....................
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It's been a wk n must've been >10,000 hits by now. Good to know that the string bed was well protected by both savers bought online n the 1s cut by myself n might need a few more wks until the string wear out to find out which's bit better at last. Gr8 I can use my own leather string savers n gr8 feels of 'hot knife through butter' but still trying to adjust to the fresh string bed I'm not familiar with as been using 'dead doggy patching up' beds for yrs. Can't really use full leg pushing/jumping n free swing as might be long or wide n might have to turn the grip a bit more western-ward to increase the top-spin instead of extra pace.............
Just found an old leather sofa in street n cut a big piece off......n lol....... the guy must hate me as he seems quite fond of that 'nice' sofa:))))............................................
forgot 2 mention that had missing leather pad for 3 times on the edge of the 'savered' area must due to impact at certain angle between the ball n racket head face for topspin, so I have to put a new 1 once found missing. The eyed savers didn't go missing due to the hole in the center of the saver, like a ring firmly locked on the string cross. But it might not protect the string in the long run due to the direct contact of main/cross through the hole. It might be better if a layer inside the hole to cushion off the string contact......
back a few yrs ago bought a woodie in garage sale with the leather bits on it n even some on the bed as string savers. never paid any attention to it n sold it after played for a while n regret now as it might be the 1st racket in the world with string savers on as I googled a few times no info re. 40s 50s string savers........

now i restrung my 2nd fresh string racket with the leather savers only, cut by myself with a hole puncher. I'm still testing the 1st with both market eyed string savers mixed with leather savers on the same babo pd to see which 1's better........gr8 ball striking feeling like 'hot knife through butter'.............
it's been ~2 wks n my babo pd string bed so far happily sustained >20,000 hits n obviously the leather savers protected the string better as the eyed savers allowing the main/cross chewing each other. but up to 3 leather 'pads' were punched off the bed so i have to make new 1s to put in asa that happened. the current market eyed 1s might be much much better if there are 2 craters on both sides instead of a hole through the center:)))....................................
so far so good for the leather 1s n out lasting the eyed rubbery 1s. i have to replace all the eyed 1s as they'r getting pressed n stretched badly n basically worn out n not protecting anything now. seems the leather 1s are the way to do it.....cheersmas:)))