Anybody else get pain in the base of their thumb? (hitting hand)

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I have had some odd aches and pains (see my achilles thread), but the one that is consistent is my right hand thumb. After I play, I feel pain in the base of it. I am wondering if this is a grip issue or just something to deal with. The problem is that it affects me in the gym too. This could very well come from heavy lifting before I got back into tennis, but I am not sure.

Sometimes when I serve it really flares up too. I would say it is from the bottom of my thumb tracing down the bone to my wrist. It affects my grip in everyday life unfortunately just a bit right now.


find a good pt quick, learn the possible strengthening exercises and how specifically to rehab that injury.


It might be a gripping issue plus a sore. I've gotten it quite a few times before I changed my grip again recently. You might want to find a more comfortable gripping.