Anybody go to their high school reunions?

Discussion in 'Odds & Ends' started by goober, Apr 3, 2005.

  1. goober

    goober Legend

    Jun 9, 2004
    10 year or 20 year?

    I have one coming up but I am not really in contact with anybody from high school.

    There's tennis tournament the same weekend and I think I might have more fun at that :D But would I be missing out on an event of a life time? What is everbody's elses experiences?
  2. peter

    peter Professional

    Feb 20, 2004
    Linköping, Sweden
    I was at a 10-year reunion (from class/year 9) once. Some people hadn't changed at all (nor had they grown up...). It was actually quite funny - in a peculiar way. It was a big reunion for all five concurrent classes at that school (hosted at the same school).

    It started pretty calmly, but before the night was over I/we had seen:

    An old teacher (the only one of the invited ones that came) being *really* drunk (he had got drinking problems since we graduated), standing up and delivering a "speech" about us old students and then spreading out old teachers private notes about us students.

    One old student (that used to be one of the "bad boys") telling the rest that if the teachers of his kids was as lousy and "let go"-handed as the ones we had he - then he would be really angry.

    Another student panicing in a toilet and smashing it.

    And someone pressing the fire alarm button so that we had a visit by the local fire brigade.

    All in all, a perfectly normal party. Or perhaps not :)

    I think I'd rather be visiting a reunion from one of my later classes (where the people were more similar in interrests and attitudes).
  3. Geezer Guy

    Geezer Guy Hall of Fame

    Feb 17, 2005
    Big Canoe, GA
    My class has reunions every 5 years, and I've gone to most of them. I was not BMOC by any means - just a regular guy - but I've enjoyed the reunions quite a bit. It's interesting to see how people turn out. You can see that some people "peaked" in High School, and some went on to bigger and better things.

    Around here, there are tennis tournaments pretty often. I enjoy them alot, and play in as many as I can. However, I'd choose a reunion over a tournament because the reunion's occur much less frequently.
  4. theace21

    theace21 Hall of Fame

    Feb 25, 2004
    Go to the reunion. My 10 year was a real kick in the pants. To see how your old friends changed - still get a laugh over some...And if your single, check out the ladies!!!!
  5. fantom

    fantom Hall of Fame

    Feb 24, 2004
    My 10 year reunion SHOULD be this year. Unfortunately, I haven't heard anything about it yet so it probably won't happen.

    We did have a 6 year reunion rather than a 5, so maybe we'll have an 11 year rather than a 10.
  6. HookEmJeff

    HookEmJeff Semi-Pro

    Nov 2, 2004
    Phoenix, AZ
    My 10-year reunion in 2002 got cancelled. Man, that really sucked, too, because at the time I had an absolutely perfect life, a knockout girlfriend, was in the best shape of my life and had everything in order. I actually was going to cover the Davis Cup in Paris that year (2002) like two months after it was scheduled so that had all the marks of a great summer and fall, and plenty to talk about.
    But the Vice President of our senior class who was running and putting on the shebang was a total nitwit. She didn't do anything right, and just gave up on the party, they just flat cancelled it. I was so pissed!
    Hopefully, yours won't turn out that way if you want to go. From what I hear, most people really let themselves go after high school, and the ones you least expect to look good, be successful, usually are the ones who surprise everyone.
    I'm looking forward to year No. 15 in 2007. If I have to run the thing this time, I WILL. Holy hell....15 years removed from high school. Man, i'm getting old.


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