Anybody know a good bit about Golf equipment?



Well I decided to start to play a little golf on the weekends when Im not playing in tennis tournaments but I just started to play like a week ago. Im thinking about getting some clubs at Play it Again Sports. Anyone know anything about Knight clubs or Protech or Dunlop Pro Comp 16? Also if anyknows a good set of clubs for under 200$


For me, all the generic clubs are about the same... more important to find the right size clubs and right shaft for your swing speed. If you're looking to find better name brand clubs later on, there's always used woods and irons on ****.


They're all crap. ****'s the best place for clubs. The excessive supply keeps the prices down. Look for some older Titleist's or Mizuno's. Dynamic Gold S300 Steel shafts. Should be able to get them for around $200-$250.


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There are some old Taylor Made clubs that are just a tad under 200 dollars. I've hit with them, they're great. I can't remember what they're called though. It was the line of irons before the RAC's though.


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I would go for a used set my first time around. Just make sure that the face is not completely worn off. I bought a set off a pro many years ago that had a tiny mark where he used to make contact. Something in that condition would be great. I bought my set(1i-pw) for $180, but I was really lucky. I would also look for "players" clubs first, because they require more precise ball striking and will teach you to become a better player. In addition to what HeavyBall said, I would also look at Precept. Precepts have a great feel and have been on closeout for a while. Now, concerning some of the clubs you mentioned. I have hit the Knight sand wedges and they do play pretty good. The face wears off quick, but the don't cost much anyway. My best advice would also be to purchase clubs from a person with similar stature and swing speed, because reshafting would put you way over your budget. Try to get some freebies as well. If you can get an old driver or putter from a family member or someone it would help out greatly.