Anybody know what tennis tourneys are in HD here in the US?

Discussion in 'General Pro Player Discussion' started by MasturB, Nov 26, 2007.

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    Sep 12, 2006
    I just got my HD service isntalled a few weeks ago. So I'm preparing for next season.

    1) ESPN2 has the Australian Coverage, but i'm not sure if ESPN2HD will have it in true HD, not an upscale/stretched fit thing. I thought Shanghai would've been in true HD on ESPN2HD, turns out I was wrong. CAn someone tell me if they had it in HD this year or last?

    2) Roland Garros is covered by ESPN2 in the early rounds, and then NBC takes over the final weekend. I read that ESPN2 just had a 16:9 widescreen SD feed and not an HD feed. I also read NBC didn't do widescreen or HD and gave us 4:3 standard.

    3) I was told that Wimbledon wasn't in HD on NBC last year, this year, and most likely won't be next year. What about ESPN's coverage?

    4)I know CBS always has their tennis matches available in true HD (US Open coverage, Miami final, Cincinnati final).

    I'm not sure if ESPN2 has Miami, Toronto/Montreal , Cincinnati, Indian Wells or US Open Series matches in HD. Can someone clarify from their coverage this year and last year? ESPN tends to get lazy on their HD programming if it's not baseball,football, or basketball. The only non major sports I've seen in HD under ESPN is poker.

    I know USA always has their matches in HD on Universal HD. NOw that USA-HD launched, I should be able to watch it next year. Sucks that next year will be the last year we'll see USA cover the US Open. They actually replay matches in the late night block.

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