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    Oct 1, 2007
    Would you be willing to find out what the Fischer M Comp 95 is made of?
    There is some confusion for me as to the actual material used. I would ask Fischer directly, however they will not reply to me. You see there are two materials listed on all the Fischer frames. One is straight Graphite. The other is Aircarbon. I know very well both of these come from the element Carbon. On your site you list the MS Pro 1 as being "Graphite blended with Fiberglass and Piezo-Electric Fibers". The M Comp is exactly the same. On the Fischer website it states the MS Pro 1 and M Comp are "Glas with Aircarbon". So why doesn't your description jive with the Fischer website? My theory is that a Fischer frame feels different from any other frame made. Why? I have noticed no other frame manufacturer is listing "Aircarbon" as a material. Is this why a Fischer has that distinct soft feel no other frame has? Also what is the "Comp" (Composite) material listed on the new M Comp? Is this Fiberglass? This frame is akin to the M Tour 100. Why wasn't it called the M Tour 95? From the posts others are saying that the M Comp 95 is stiffer than its classified stiffness. I really don't understand why a thin beamed frame made with fiberglass should be stiff.
    Fiberglass and a thin beam is makes a frame flexible. Why should the thicker beam frames like the MS Pro 1 and M Tour 100 be more flexible? This is defying the rule of wide beam = less flex. What the heck is going on here?

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