Anyone but Zverev

Could someone help me out here please? What's the difference between 1R, 3R, 3R, 4R and 1R. 2R, 2R, 3R? Yeah there is something called QF in between.
Thank you :).
When I wrote this thread I was onto something.
I wanted to recruit people into the ABZ crew by selling them the idea of sweet haven and friendship and peace, much like Pepe did with Novak.
The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was making the world believe that he doesn't exist.
That's a new low even for us.
The guy lost just a 250.
It's not big enough to celebrate really.
I will celebrate in Monte Carlo.
Don't be dissin the 250s. Fedr lost a 250 (1st match!) to ancient Haas in Stuttgart17. Went on to win almost everything and almost reach YE#1 if not for clay and some back issues. Z to be 2019 YE#1. Bookit! :cool: