anyone come across and stringing tools like the babolat P.A.S.S.


has anyone out there come across any tools that make weaving the cross strings faster? I heard of one thing, but my friend couldnt find where he saw it. I saw the babolat PASS in action and it seemed ok, but a little pricey at 30$ or so...


Gaines Hillix

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courtrage, Laserfiber/Stringway has one, but I haven't tried it. I have one of the Bab tools, but it's useless on any other frames than Bab's because it's made to fit the spacing between the mains on their frames. This varies a lot between manufacturers. The LF tool is supposed to have a selection of different sized templates that work with the spacing on most frames.


thanks! what is their website or where can i start looking...i plan to goolge it, but i'll ask first in case i come up with nothing...thanks again


a nice trick to make weaving easy is to weave 2 cross, tension 1 , weave 1... this way, you weave the same side than the last tensioned string and the main are already placed, you just have to push the string straight.

David Pavlich

If you want to take a lot longer to string a frame, get one. If you were stringing next to me, you using the PASS and me doing it the regular way, I'd finish at least 5 minutes ahead of you, maybe more.

You have to move it every time you make a weave. It's a royal pain.