Anyone compared Velocity to Reflex mains as Hybrid with Cream, or any poly cross?


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Love VS Gut / Cream hybrid but pricey... Have used Velocity (mains) with Cream many times and find Velocity provides a good slick surface for Cream (or any poly) to slide on and get good snapback. Was wondering if anyone has tried Reflex mains with poly crosses and if so whether it seemed more lively/comfortable than Velocity? And whether snapback is as good with Reflex as with Velocity (which in my experience, Velocity is about the best multi to use as a hybrid with poly). Thanks for any opinions!


Reflex is the high power version of Velocity. Very similar to Wilson' NXT vs NXT Control or Prince PPA vs PPC in concept. I have only one female client using Reflex 17 so can't compare its longevity to Velocity 16. If you want similar levels of 'power', you need to string the Velocity 3-5# less than Reflex.


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Thanks esgee48, what I'm really wondering is if you or someone has experience with whether reflex is as slippery as velocity and would consequently snapback as well (when used as mains against poly cross). I would like to have the extra power of reflex versus velocity but don't want to sacrifice snapback. Not concerned about durability...


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I tried reflex once with Prince Tour XR crosses and didn’t like it as much as I liked FXP/Velocity/PPC. The feel was too mushy although the SnapBack was about the same as the other cheaper multis I mentioned. From a price point, not worth it IMO.