Anyone else watch live tennis on YouTube?


TC say they would have lots of matches and TC+ is an annual subscription now! TC is separate from TC+. So you cannot not get TC with a TC+ subscription.

I sometimes watch hard to get tennis matches at gambling websites now. I was always avoiding them in the past but they have all the matches that I like to watch and TC and ESPN, ESPN2 and ESPN+ do not have. Wish there was one source that had a match on demand that cost only $200 annually. That would be perfect for me.


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Im getting 35 usa national sports channels, 64 regional. 16 canadian and 85 uk sports channels (bt, sky, eurosport etc). I also get espn+ and something called br+ for $49 ayear. 2749 channels total. Works on phone, tablet or tv

Unless its a tc+ exclusive (havent seen one yet) it should be on one of them. Wish they had a tennis catagory like other sports, puts all the live events in one guide, may request one
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