Anyone excited about Agassi's Book?


Is anyone excited for Andre's new book? i am really pumped because I look at Andre as a true athlete and a true human being. I actully understand why he did those things (meth) and feel it makes him more human. I think that our athletes today are under fine focus on the microscope and alot of them just tell lies to cover things up that really just show they are like you and I. Agassi is a normal guy who made mistakes (as we all do) and just so happens to have an incredle nack for tennis. Anyhow, im pumped and i will be looking to buy it very soon. Let me know what you think!


I just watched his interview on 60 minutes tonight. I really like Agassi and look forward to reading his book.


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If I can find it for free, I'll probably read it. That's my level of interest in his book :)


nice. i just think that by him being honest it might incourage other athletes to do the same thing and possibly show the dark side to their famous up rise. Could anyone believe what Navratilova said about his brief meth usage? She has honestly gone down in my book. IT WAS NOT EVEN PERFORMANCE INHANCING DRUGS, INFACT IT WAS PERFORMANCE INHIBITING


I am looking forward enough to it to take the time and read it at the bookstore. I almost never buy hardcover versions of any book. I usually just wait for a paperback.


I'm about 150 pages in right now and I'm really enjoying it. I feel like Sampras did a better job of describing what it was like playing his main rivals, but I'm not even halfway done with Agassi's book.