Anyone had to return a racquet to Tennis Warehouse???

Discussion in 'Racquets' started by Fay, May 30, 2008.

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    I bought one of my Prince Tour racquets from Tennis Warehouse last summer .... it cracked and they replaced it Dec./Jan. (took a long time to get replacement.)

    They sent me a note saying that if anything was wrong with the replacement racquet they would not replace it again. That is odd as the replacement is a different racquet.

    It started to hit VERY poorly today. When I got home from my 2 hour doubles match my hubby laid all of my racquet on a level counter by the window.

    The one that didn't hit "right" let more light on one side than the other..... My hubby, the expert skate sharpener, was comparing them and I said.... "it's that one! I can see it from 5 feet away ... Is that the 3 grip I got as a replacement?"

    He said "yes"

    Has anyone had to return one racquet more than once?

    I had my Prince Graphite Classic (from TW) for longer than the other two and not a speck of trouble with that one. The Prince Tour I got months before the second one hasn't been a problem either (and that was from a shop in Phoenix).

    I have played with this racquet 5 months and it has never been dropped.

    Do the open port racquets "warp" more easily?

    I have a MASTER stringer in Phoenix do my racquets.... no one else has strung this or even touches my racquets, and no one else hits with them either. Just me.

    I did have my stringer tell me if I break a string to immediately cut all the strings to take the uneven tension off the racquet.... but these strings are not even frayed a bit.

    The Prince racquets are very easy on my arm and I can hit as hard as I want all day long. I loved the K Wilson, but it is just too brittle for me .... I might get another Prince Classic with the closed ports as these open port racquets don't hold a stringing "new feel" as well as the closed ones, so please don't suggest another brand as I spent 3 months trying all of the head light racquets I could carry 2 hours back and forth from Phoenix to Flagstaff ... and these are just more forgiving in the flexibility department, ... maybe that makes them prone to warping.

    Anyone have any opinions on this?

    I am sick that a second new $200 racquet is unplayable:confused:

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