Anyone have issues with Wilson Enduro Tour shearing?


I have a new string customer that ask me to string his racquet after having some issues with Wilson Enduro Tour 17 shearing after only a couple hours.

I checked his racquet and there doesn't appear to be any damaged grommets or reasons why the racquet is causing premature shearing. The head guard is warn, but the string doesn't appear to be exposed to court rash on the top of the frame. So I am wondering about his string choice.

First, I am not really familiar with Enduro Tour. The customer just uses it because a prior stringer used it and he liked the feel. It looks like a budget co-poly when I looked it up. I am sure I can get him to switch to one of the other polys I have on hand. But before I switch him, has anyone had any issues with this string being particularly sensitive to shearing?

Second, anyone have any comments on what plays most similar to Enduro Tour out of my current stock of MSV Hex, WC TurboTwist, Lux ALU Rough, Lux ALU Power, or SPPP? (I hesitate to use SPPP as I have read on here that it can shear as well)