anyone have the Head '04 12-Pack Bag ?

Discussion in 'Shoes and Apparel' started by Goldberg, Jun 3, 2004.

  1. Goldberg

    Goldberg Rookie

    Mar 11, 2004
    Posted: Thu Jun 03, 2004 9:00 am Post subject: wanted head bag- please help!!


    i am looking for the:

    Head Tour Team '04 Super Combi 12-Pack Bag

    and the only place i can find it is on tenniswarehouse but they are sold out until july!
    anyone have this bag and if so how is it in terms of size and stuff?
    i am also looking for one to buy so does anyone know any places that would sell them. (prefferably online becuase i checked all the stores near me)
    please email me with any info at

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