anyone here use gut/hybrid in a racquet with 18 mains? does the durability issues of the gut go away with 18 mains?


Gut in a hybrid doesn't really have a durability issue.
It's the poly that dies or loses tension long before gut breaks.
I use a string eater 16x19 frame and 1.25mm/17g poly pops in 5-7h of half match half practice hitting.
With gut/poly, the setup easily lasts me double... 10-14h.


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I am using 17 ga. gut in mains and 20 ga. poly in crosses and am loving it. feels like touch is improved, stays lively MUCH longer, easier on arm. I hit kinda flat, but try to get some top on my groundies. (Is 20 rpm considered Nadal like? /s/)


I think it has a lot to do with playing conditions (are you inside? Humid or dry conditions?), playing surface, level, and style.

For me, 4.5 level player w/ fairly flat strokes who spends most of my time on hard courts, longevity of gut wasn't the issue. It was as @FIRETennis stated, the poly that 'went dead' after 5-6 matches. The only time I ran into an issue w/ durability was in South Florida on clay. Would an 18x20 version of my frame have helped? Possibly, but then again, it would also have changed the kind of ball that came off my strings.

I have some 3.5 and 4.0 level players who use gut/poly for 6-8 months, and only have me restring when one of their friends mention "I should probably get my racquet restrung".

NOTE: This is also assuming you're using a frame that offers 16 & 18 main versions (e.g., Blade, VCORE Pro, etc). Other than that, if you're thinking of changing frames completely, then all bets are off.


I have an Ultra Tour (dense 18x20--at least imo) strung with 16 gauge VS Touch mains and a smooth poly cross back in December. I've hit with it for maybe 8 hours in that time. It's barely notched and is still quite playable although it has certainly gotten a bit softer. If I were to go play a tournament with that racquet, I'd probably restring it, but for the sort of training I was doing at my club before everything shut down it was fine.

My point being that gut/poly in an 18x20 lasts a long time in terms of durability and playability.


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... My point being that gut/poly in an 18x20 lasts a long time in terms of durability and playability.
This is my experience. It lasts a long time and remains playable. I recently had to cut a guy/poly hybrid out of my TC95 18x20, but it's only because I strung a poly known for quick and drastic tension loss too low in the crosses. My son hits the same hybrid in a MG Radical at 55/52, and it's optimally playable at this point with the gut fraying but going strong. Durability is less an issue than finding the right poly cross and tension imo.