Anyone know this Junior Racker? Y ones RQS 26. Barely a thing about it online (got given it) 9/10 condition.

Hi, I saw a rich old lady in a Bently motor (250,00 minimum) at the local recycling centre throwing away a 2008 babolat barely used Pure Drive 2008 with a mix of natural gut and synth gut on the crosses, and synth gut on the mains. It was a wonderful find and she handed it over to me for nothing. I am keeping this for myself as it's just my type of stick. She was also discarding a Yonex (26 inch length junior) RQS 26, which I have foudn barel;y ANY information on. It looks most like the Junior Vcore 26 inch junior sticks they produce now, but instead of being bright orange-red, it's white with some sky blue off-tones on it.
I have been able to find so very little info on this racquet, mentioned only once in this very Tennis Warehouse forum back in 2007. I can't find it in the Yonex list of racquets made from 2000 onwards, but it had to be from 2008 like the babolat. It's in incredible condition and (maybe) a rare racquet which wasn't mass produced. I never heard of it, but then again it is a Junior stick.
Anyone ever heard of this, or seen one in the wild? I found one tennis shop advertising it WAY back in 2007, but it juist goes to a 404 page now when I click on it.
I'd be real interested to know if this Junior racquet was ever mass produced, since I t doesn't even show up on Yonex racquet list, yet other RQS ones do (11 / 22, etc). The thing looks like it's seen around 12 sets in its whole lifetime, a couple of minor scratches and pristine strings. The bumper guard has a few minor scratches as well, as if someone was leaning on it between serves. No scrapes or anything though.

Interested, even if it's worth nothing. Never heard of it in my life, and I was a junior back around that time... maybe I was a little older by that time.
I know this, yet Yonex themselves do not have it listed even with their juniopr racqeuts. It's like a few were made and then nothing. Everyone knows the Vcore Junio 26 inch racquet from Yonex, or the Ezone Yonex Junior. You see them every time you looks up Yonex sticks.
So why would Yonex not have it listed at all on their full racquet list when they have every other 26 inch listed?
Also some beginner women prefer 26 " racquets, especially when learning due to the 50 lbs or so of tautness and the control over power. Yes, I know there are a load of elitists here, but I was simply wondering as it's a part of the history of my favorite racquet brand. I've even searched Google from 2006-2009 and come across no mention of this 26 inch stick.
Oh, obviously the link doesn't work... Go onto **** and type in Tennis racket RQS 26, one will come up with a starting price of 0.99p, that's mine. I coan't find a photo of it anywhere else on Google.
Yes, I saw that, it was one of the two sporting goods stores which mentioned it, but I don't think they ever actually stocked it because some woman was asking them if they had it in stock yet for her daughter and they said not yet. No idea if it ever actually went in stock or not, or if they were only sent a few and then it stopped being produced.